Saturday, 1 May 2010

Biggest Mess Award.

Yesterday, I was laughing uncontrollably with my mom because, after calling for me a plethora of times, I finally responded to something that was not my name: Kesha. I find it so funny because I am nothing like the unworthy popstar. I'm sorry if anyone who reads this is obsessed with Kesha...but she's the biggest mess currently on the planet. Brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack? You have a problem. But then I was thinking about her outfits and I can't express my hatred. Of course, I will try in this blog post. Way back at the 2010 Grammy Awards, she looked like a drunken Native American in that disgusting fringe dress (and I usually like fringe). There are some fashion forward elements that she incorporates into her outfits- fur, fringe, and sparkles- but she wears them wrong, even though fashion doesn't have a rule book set in stone. So if there are in fact no rules, how can she mess it up so badly? Consequently, Kesha, you proudly win the biggest mess award. I almost feel like she's a Gaga wannabe, which is almost shameful. She wears skeevy zebra unitards (please look above...if you dare), but it just looks so bad. Gaga can do it right because, as unique as she is, she is not messy. Also, she exudes confidence. Kesha exudes a bad hangover...THAT WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER END. It's not even mess, it's more like dirt and grime. It's gross. And she's even carrying her OWN disco-stick around?!? TOO MUCH, KESHA. Although fashion essentially has no rules,I think there are two things that's just common sense: confidence and cleanliness.Keep those two in mind, when you wake up feeling like P.Diddy, and maybe you'll get it right one day.


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