Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sheer Madness

I cannot tell you how many times I've seen fashionistas rocking the sheer top trend. In class, at events, or meetings, for example. EVERYWHERE. Before I tried the trend myself, I hated it. Call me an old lady, but I thought a bandeau was necessary. Some of my friends call me a "never-nude" because I always seem to cover myself up; however, I was itching to try this trend. 
What was so great about it? I was on a quest for answers.

When I was home for Thanksgiving break, I found this fabulous Catherine Malandrino shirt and knew that I had to have it and put this trend- test into motion. When I visited my friend last weekend, I realized that this social outing called for a sheer top. Obviously, I aso wore a fur vest for part of the night. Nothing can come between a Trendologist and her fur, after all.

For the record, I wore this shirt with black skinnies and black boots.

To be perfectly honest, I kind of loved this outfit. A sheer top, especially with a solid bra, gives this effortlessly sexy vibe. And who doesn't want to be effortlessly sexy? Also, I love the ruffles and dainty drama of this shirt: it makes the sheer aspect seem natural, instead of "Hey, this shirt is sheer." When I first put on this top, I was a little self-conscious because it leaves little to the imagination! As long as you have confidence and find a sheer top that complements your body, you should definitely give this trend a try!

I wore this shirt with a black, plunging Calvin Klein bra. Though I wouldn't recommend it, you could wear a more vibrant bra with this trend. Personally, a solid black bra with any sheer top makes this look seem classy. 

While I do deem this trend a style do, I do believe that there's a time and place for a sheer shirt. A classroom or meeting, for example, is not one of them. As long as you style with the effortless sexy in mind, you'll be fine! Keep it classy, fashionistas! 

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