Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Style Files: I'll be Waiting for You Baby, 'Cause I'm Through

The weirdest thing is listening to a song's cover before the  original song. I don't know why I find it so weird, but I do. This recently happened with The Strokes' "You Only Live Once" : I loved a certain cover of it for a couple months, and then I finally listened to the original. It's weird that it took me so long since I love The Strokes, but  I'm please to say that the original did not disappoint. In my humble opinion, this song is addicting. But then again, it's not like you read this blog to hear about my musical preferences. This section is just for my personal enjoyment.

When it comes to style inspirations, I always love playing "blast-from-the-past."  In my mind, these fashionistas are the ones who really paved the way for chic and progressive fashion. I love Ali MacGraw because I feel like I can relate to her style a lot. Every outfit, she's so glam but it almost feels like it's no big deal: it's just natural to her.

This look screams  60's and I like it. The silhouette and the bell-sleeve are perfection. The seemingly white boots are so edgy. Plus, I love a good long-sleeved mini. (Photo Cred)
Here she is at The Godfather premiere. I love all of her feathers  SO much! I like to call this look chic Black Swan. She wears them with such confidence, which is awesome. (Photo Cred)
I love when McGraw does boho-chic. The long sleeves, plus the long skirt, plus the super sleek hair equals perfection. (Photo Cred)
I love hats. Enough said. (Photo Cred)

  • Sarah Jessica Parker at the annual UNICEF Snowflake Ball (Louis Vuitton): Talk about a wintry wonderland: I'm obsessed with this look. Although these separates may make other people look boxy, I think the proportions are righteous on her. Sure, the silhouette isn't the most exciting; however, the detail of her ensemble is phenomenal. The monochromatic look is also perfect for all of that detail. Have you guys realized that I really like detail? The messiness of her hair complements the feathered skirt. Gorgeous.
  • Kate Hudson at the Brit Fashion Awards (Stella McCartney): This look is so sultry, it's awesome. The cut-out is the perfect thing to complement the long,straight silhouette. Though I love my jewels, keeping this look clean and simple allows us to focus on the dress' detailing. Also, the high bun plus the winged liner equals supreme.
  • Olivia Palermo at the Brit Fashion Awards (Matthew Williamson): Love. First of all, I'm obsessed with Olivia Palermo's style. Second, I love Matthew Williamson. Put them together and you get a fabulous look. I love this dress and keeping the color palette simple is such a smart choice: there's so much going on that color would've ruined this look. I also love how she mixed high- Matthew Williamson- with low, Topshop. STYLE DO!  The cutout of the shoes complements the feathers on the Williamson dress, making it an awesome look. Keeping the hair slicked back is smart too: if it was down, there would've been too much going on. Smart and fabulous look! 

Here comes a social plug for you. Tomorrow, I will be featured on Beantown Weekly at 6PM. You're able to listen online, which is pretty cool! I'm so excited to talk Bostonian Fashion and I hope you all like it! 


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