Thursday, 15 December 2011

Twelve Days of Trendy: Haute Chocolate

Every now and then, I need some help when it comes to these creative ideas. Enter the roommie: she and I were talking about "The Twelve Days of Trendy" and she came up with a pretty good idea. "Everyone loves hot chocolate," she said. It's true: who doesnt' like snuggling up with a big mug of perfectly temperatured hot cocoa? But of course this idea needs a glamourous spin, doesn't it? Ladies and gent, I give you The Trendologist's "Haute Chocolate" Set.

This chic present is affordable, pragmatic, and super stylish. The best part, however, is that this present is complete in two easy steps.

Step One: Find Some Really Yummy Hot Cocoa

Let's face it, the present's recipient can pick up hot cocoa at the supermarket anytime.  To give this present a super luxe spin, snag them some fancy hot chocolate mix. Personally, I'd get a canister of Godiva's Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix: the dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate and who doesn't love Godiva? If you're looking for some hot chocolate with a bit of a kick, try Chuao Chocolatier's Hot Chocolate Spicy Maya. In the market for some adorable packing? Look no further: order one of Moonstruck Chocolate's Hot Cocoa canisters! Precious. What if these hot cocoa mixes are a little out of your price range? Good 'ol Ghirardelli will be fine! The bottom line: save Swiss Miss for your recipient's super market shopping spree!

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Step Two: Find a Super Chic Mug

What does your friend, family member, annoying co-worker have once this hot cocoa is consumed (and it will be)? Nothing? Come on, this is the holidays! We shouldn't be that stingy. Instead of leaving your recipient empty handed, add a stellar mug to the present. I'm obsessed with the Jonathan Adler Mr. & Mrs. mug set: I honestly just wish I could live in a Jonathan Adler store. All of the brand's things are quirky, great quality, and undeniably chic! But what if you don't want two mugs?  Jonathan Adler also has some mugs in fun prints!

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With this Haute Chocolate Set, each sip will be as glam as the last! 


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