Monday, 13 February 2012

The 2012 Grammys

I just have one thing to say in regards to the 2012 Grammy Awards:

I'm so incredibly happy that she won SIX- count 'em ,SIX- awards. She's such a musical gem and I couldn't be happier. But Bruno Mars' performance was also super cute: 

Surprisingly enough, I was so please with most of the looks from this red carpet. Sure, there were some mishaps; however, most starlets were looking chic and funky.

  • Nicki Minaj (Versace): You know  you crossed the line when Lady Gaga's dressed more sane that you are. Nicki, my dear: what were you thinking? This is so offensive and her skit was really disturbing. Usually, I like twisted things- like my  crime dramas-but this went a little too far. Calm Roman down, Sweetheart! 
  • Katy Perry (Elie Saab): I'm so disappointed. Elie Saab's couture collection was so phenomenal; however, this dress was ruined by Katy Perry's makeup. Maybe I'm crazy, but blue hair,  a magenta lip, and orange skin just doesn't work with Elie Saab. This is dreadful.
  • Anne Vyalitsyna (Undetermined): Can we say trashy? It looks like her dress was caught in the limo door. Seriously, I don't care how fabulous  your body is: this is just inappropriate. That's all. 
  • Fergie (Jean Paul Gaultier): I love the concept of this Jean Paul  Gaultier couture dress; however, black undies? Wrong. Black undergarments may have been okay for the runway, that's just wrong on the red carpet. She should've either worn nude undergarments or lined the dress. This is just trashy.

  • Adele (Armani): If you haven't realized how much I love Adele, there's an issue. I cannot get over how adorable she is and this outfit is to die for. I love a long sleeve and this three quarters length is both sophisticated and sexy, especially with the length of the dress. The simplistic silhouette is super flattering and I love the dose of sparkle. Also, the shorter hair and red lip? Not getting over this anytime soon. 
  • Carrie Underwood (Gomez-Garcia): My favorite Carrie Underwood look ever, hands down. Not only is this dress super detailled, but the sexy back? Forget about it! The crisp white is phenomenal with the super glam hair. Also, the minimal jewels is perfect for this: all she needs is a stunning pair of earrings. 
  • Paris Hilton (Basil Soda): Okay, the days of "That's Hot" may be long gone; however, this is definitely Paris Hilton's fashion peak. This Basil Soda dress is incredible on her and makes her look- dare I say it- chic. I love the gold and white combination and the print is strategically placed.  Although the belt is arbitrarily placed -lower done would've been better- I love how it makes this dress funkier. Her understated hair and makeup is the perfect way to finish this outfit. 
  • Bruno Mars (Thom Browne): I go crazy for Bruno's retro style. From his pants' hem, to his funky hair, to his amazing sunglasses, Bruno always makes me swoon. What's so awesome about his style is that he has his own vision and always sticks to it. 
  • John Legend and Chrissy Teigen (Undetermined): Can we say best looking couple of the night (although my roommate and him would be a much better couple, just saying)?  He looks incredible with that skinny tie and Chrissy's dress is too amazing for words.  Long sleeves and a high slit? The perfect mix of sexuality and sophistication. 
  • Jessie J (Julien Macdonald): Honestly, this is the perfect dress for the Grammys. The mirrored effect? The killer silhouette?  The strong ponytail? Rocker chic done so right. The black jewels are so perfect: they make this look complete without crossing the line and making her look too metallic. I don't even like Jessie J that much; however, this look is so divine. 
  • Rihanna (Armani): I found fashion love in a hopeless place a.k.a. the Grammys. This Rihanna-Armani collaboration is so sexy. The plunging neck is perfectly paired with the dainty necklaces. And that high silt? Out of this world. What makes this dress sophisticated is her minimal makeup and fun hair. Just because Chris Brown performed at the Grammys doesn't mean Rihanna has to play victim; instead, she showed him that she's the best thing he never had.
  • Taylor Swift (Zuhair Murad):Okay, Taylor Swift fans, don't get too excited: this is probably the only time that I'll compliment her. I'm sorry, but she really bothers me and her performance was too awkward. Aywho, this Zuhair Murad dress is STUNNING.  She is tall and lanky enough to make this dress look sophisticated. The golds do work lovely with her blonde hair. Also, that high bun is the perfect way to make this look clean and sophisticated. Now her performance look? That's a different story...
  • Alicia Keys (Alexandre Vauthier): Two words: perfectly styled. Keys truly knows how to turn a LBD into something spectacular. Those mary jane-inspired shoes plus that beyond fierce necklace plus that super edgy hair? AMAZING. If she had worn a more complex dress, all of that would've been too much; however, all of these elements purely spice up the look. Fabulous.
  • Corinne Bailey Rae (Christian Siriano): Is it weird that I kind of like this look? The dress is so quirky and Christian Siriano-esque. While it may be a little too pouffy, isn't the Grammys the perfect time for quirky pieces? Her hair is so sick and I love that lip. Fabulous. 
  • Kelly Osbourne (Tony Ward): Take note: this is how to do the awkward gray hair trend correctly. This Tony Ward dress is super edgy and youthful, which counteracts her matronly hair. Overall, I love the way this dress looks on her: the silhouette is very flattering  and I love the draping. Sometimes, sequined dresses can appear rather...stiff. This dress, on the other hand, has so much movement. 
  • Adam Levine (Undetermined): I love how Adam spiced the typical suit up with color and stripes. Also, he's so sexy, how could I not include him?


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